Friday, December 30, 2005


A quiver full of quirks

Sougata, one of my favourite bloggers, tagged me with the 'What are your top five quirks?' meme.

My quirks are like seasons. They come and go. And, I must admit, I am far less quirky than I used to be, say, five years ago.

So, here, in no particular order, are my five top quirks, most of them a product of my absent-mindedness.

I have already written about two of them -- making paper boats and rolling pieces of paper -- on this blog.

Number 3: Like Sougata, I prefer to go to sleep to some sound. In my college days, it used to be the sounds of All India Radio. Nowadays, I set my Worldspace radio to switch off in 30 minutes. Usually, I am switched off before the radio switches itself off. If I forget to set the timer, as sometimes happens, I get the pleasure of waking up to music as well. I am not particular about the kind of music: it could be Hindi pop, old Hindi, Western classical and Indian classical. On days that my wife isn't home, I even go off to sleep watching TV.

Number 4: My legs are in constant motion, even though the rest of me is still. Whether I am in a restaurant, or in a meeting, or at my desk, I am continuously shaking my legs. I am doing it even as I write this. My wife says I shake my legs in my sleep as well. But then, she says that I also snore sometimes. I strongly disagree. I think I just breathe a little more deeply than usual. But that's one argument I can't win :)

Number 5: I love the word compelling. I use the word more often than I would like for work-related writing...

So those are my little idiosyncrasies. And I now pass on the meme to Sylvia, Zaki and Codey.

thanks for tagging me!

a very interesting tag indeed, have never thought of my quirks before, though am sure i have many....shall respond very soon! :)
Are you posting from Big Bad Bombay?
I never noticed any :) So I am curious to know...
quirks? just call her a gadget freak and you'll see how she denies it ;)
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