Sunday, December 02, 2001

15 lessons I learnt from Monsoon Wedding

1) Weddings are an expensive business. And the father of the bride will have to borrow from his golf partners to meet the expenses.
2) White shamianas are for funerals. Water-proofing the shamianas, white or multi-coloured, costs Rs 2 lakh.
3) Most families have weird people. Don't be surprised if the most-respected member of the family is a pervert.
4) Love blooms in unlikely places... atop bamboo scaffoldings and in generator rooms.
5) When you start munching on yellow flowers, it's a sure sign that you are in love.
6) It could rain on your wedding. Remember to water-proof your shamiana, no matter what it costs.
7) Sometimes, a simple and touchingly funny love affair between an unlettered contractor and a maid could be far more endearing than the complicated relationships of a noveau rich family celebrating a wedding.
8) You can fall in love with your hubby-to-be-in-a-day 24 hours after you are caught inflagrante delicto with a married man in an SUV on a rainy night by a bunch of cops.
9) Said hubby-to-be can fall in love with wife-to-be, and coochie-coo like a honeymooner in Kodai, despite knowing what transpired a few hours previously.
10) If you are caught in a comprising position by cops, and flee the scene of crime, the cops will forget all about you.
11) If your son watches too much TV and loves to sing and dance, pack him off to a boarding school.
12) Naseeruddin Shah, despite being a flop as a Super Selector, is still a great actor.
13) Never judge a movie by its review, especially if it appears in The Times of India.
14) Never judge an Indian movie by a foreign award.
15) It makes far more sense to have a Summer Wedding.

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