Tuesday, March 26, 2002

The only comparable performance to Russell Crowe’s John Nash that comes to my mind is Dustin Hoffman’s Rainman. And Crowe’s portrayal of a schizophrenic mathematical genius in A Beautiful Mind is far superior. I am surprised he didn’t win the Best Actor award at the Oscars.
I saw Gladiator about a year ago. Crowe is not only a completely different character in A Beautiful Mind, he is a completely changed man. The transformation is astounding.
He is John Nash. And he is A Beautiful Mind.
A story of a man who is as difficult to understand as the theories he propounds. Crowe draws you into his vulnerable world that constantly flits between the real and the imaginary. Your heart goes out to him as he fights the demons of his mind. And, you are uplifted, when he finally finds a way through the labyrinthine maze to discover that the only place he can find reason is not in his brilliant, yet flawed, mind, but in his heart; not in the cold logic of numbers but in the sublime equation of love.
Enough said. Go watch it.

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