Friday, January 18, 2002

What to do with the spam in your newspaper

As if I did not have enough to handle in my inbox, these days even my morning newspaper comes with 'spam': an assortment of leaflets advertising everything from a local beauty parlour, a Chinese restaurant's menu to a computer class. I put them to good use. I make boats of them. Unconsciously. I don't even realise that I am doing it. It's almost compulsive. And, why boats? I really don't know.
On a particularly prolific day, my wife clears about five such boats into the dustbin. She has ceased being surprised by my eccentricities. Even the bai is no longer surprised by my 'origami'.
When I worked for Mid-Day I used to roll little pieces of paper, sometimes important pieces of bromide... and once even a piece that contained one of next day's headlines. People tell me it is a sign of my restlessness, a compulsive urge to keep doing something all the time... a way of burning off my nervous energy...
A while after I joined Mid-Day, my brother joined too. We worked in different departments. One day, I was standing next to him, chatting and watching him at work. And what do you know, he was busy, unknowingly, unconsciously, rolling a sheet of paper...

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