Monday, March 13, 2006


Beer on tap

A bar worker mixes up pipes. And a Norwegian woman, two floors above, gets beer instead of water to rinse here knives.

an ashok-esque news :)
Keep going!Also, check out 'The Accidental Academic' at
Mostly for students. Drop in, I would like to introduce them to real, live journalists (and ex-journalists!)
Thanks. Actually, I am finding it increasingly difficult to write anything at all for the blog... But will drop by over at your place and meet some of your students...
Thanks, but, hey, I still haven't seen you around there. And do tell the Z-man to blog. His has not been updated in ages.
i have been around there... just didn't leave any footprints... and mine appears to be going the way of Z-man's
Hey Ashok,

Nice seeing you again. No, the 777 is not so that I can go one-up on the devil, though that is a funny way of thinking about it :-)

I like the number 7; don't know why. Incidentally, I've been thinking of changing the name of the blog or even moving to a different server for sometime now.

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