Friday, January 20, 2006


The secret art of earning the best pay package...

...that's the top story on the online edition of Economic Times at 4pm India time.

If people in the market for a job are not yet familiar with the 'secrets' revealed in the article, they deserve the salaries they are paid.

Economic Times is full of these stupid how-to articles that are badly written, poor in substance and even more poorly edited. But to make something like this a top story, running over six pages... well, what can I say, it's from the TOI after all.

If you are an IITian you obviously are worth more than a student from some regional engineering college in the initial stage of your carrier.

Yes, you have to watch out for the carrier. Always very dangerous in the initial stages.

You would think that this gosh-darned rag pretending to be a newspaper would, at the very least, have somebody proof-read the trash they churn out for spelling and grammar. It would still be trash, but at least it would be syntactically correct trash.

I noticed several other bloopers, and I wasn't even reading carefully.

And of course, the less said about the content, the better, as you yourself pointed out.

I don't know about others, but when I read something, I scan for two things -- form and content. All else being equal, content overrides form; a poorly edited story is acceptable to me if it reveals divine truths.

But given the complete lack of content in that article, couldn't they at least have taken the trouble to maintain correct form?

I find it absolutely stupefying that this newspaper manages to have enough circulation to pay its bills.
The article is full of such gems:

"Proceed further only if the figures suit, else there is no point your time and effort."

"It would be very beneficial during the time you are bargaining for your salary as now you are in a position to point out that the industry standards are this."

"In case you are being offered lesser than what you know the company’s salary range is, it is not advisable to point out that to the HR. You can just take the offer letter and maintain quietness after that."

"Why do you want a higher salary? You should not answer back saying - because my household expenses are huge and then you go further describing it. It does not give a very good impression. You can though reason by saying the cost of living in this city is high or any other such reason."

I can't stop laughing.

I have not read the Economic Times print edition in a long, long while. But I would assume that the online edition is a far more dumbed down version of the print edition. I don't think such articles make the cut in print.
The only reason, I read the ToI every morning is for the baby level sudoku it carries (or should that be carees!?). But on more than one occasion I've found bloopers in the printing of that too! And to think the kid brings home another dumbed down copy from school every day as part of the NIE! :((
Of the Mumbai papers, I persoally prefer the TOI. Of course, they do stupid things off and on, and they also bring out bombay times :(. But if I had to buy just one paper, it would be the TOI. I used to like the IE earlier. Then, with its stupid new campaign, the extent and quality of its coverage began dipping. I switched to DNA, which I think is a decent second paper. HT is just pretty to look at.
Boy, i laughed hard!

In case you want more funny advise on 'how not to do it' i highly recommend :
Psst... it is a gem from the online team, not the print ed..

In any case their entire online ops now like a ship on fire.. everyone's busy jumping off in all directions.. expect much worse ..
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