Tuesday, January 10, 2006


No music for my ears

I have not been able to sleep much lately because my Worldspace channels are blocked even though my subscription is valid.

To crack the problem, I called up their toll free number. I was put on hold for an inordinately long time, then transferred to an answering machine and then cut off before I could leave a message. I tried again. Got the answering machine and left a message. Didn’t get the return call that was promised. I am persevering if nothing else. So I called again, and again, and again. Many messages later, I gave up on the toll-free number.

I went to their Web site and checked whether my password was valid. It was.

So I decided to try a different tack. I sent a mail to their customer care. I got a 5mb attachment with instructions on how to enter my password. I already knew that. But I tried to do as they said. No luck.

So I sent them another mail.

Their solution was simplicity itself:

“Thank you for writing to WorldSpace.

“With regard to your problem with the receiver, we suggest you to get the receiver repaired. You can send the receiver to our regional office at Mumbai or to our corporate office at Bangalore for repairs.

“Please note the servicing and ` is done at Bangalore and it would take 7-10 days for the repair.

“We hope you find the above information helpful.”

Even though I have no idea how a Worldspace receiver works, I had more common sense than whoever drafted that letter to realize that it was not a problem with the receiver.

So I called up their regional office in Mumbai (the one they asked me to send my receiver to). Thankfully, I got a human being, who gave me another number. I called the number. Another human being. I love talking to human beings. He heard me out patiently. And then gave me a new password.

Apparently, they change the password every six months to save my ears from damage resulting from excess exposure to good music.

If you own a Worldspace receiver, don’t bother calling the toll-free number or writing to customer care. Call 55022121 (it’s a Mumbai number by the way).

And I hope to sleep well tonight.

Hey Ashok! Vel told me that you restarted FullTP! Was a little surprised at the drastic change in the colour scheme tho :)

It's really nice to read posts by you guys again. Wish i could be pushed to restart mine (what was it called again?)
Escritor, if I am not mistaken... Thanks, Danny, for dropping by... And people do change with age :)
I have been hearing that the two of you have been conspiring to visit me for a while... I hope you are able to hatch the conspiracy soon...

I own a Worldspace receiver (BPL) which is a three in one (Tape Recorder, Radio and Worldspace).

Somehow, suddenly the display went off and I am not getting any sound when I push the switch to Worldspace.

I do not know what can get wrong suddenly.

Do you have a clue? Any case, I will give a try by calling the "human being" number.

R. Sathyamurthy
My Blog
Mine is actually a panasonic, so I really haven't the faintest why that should happen. Yeah the number I have given is your best bet for any problems.
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