Monday, December 12, 2005


Veil of a time

Daniel Lak has some interesting observations about life in Bhopal.

Here's a gem:

'Then I noticed something you’d never see in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or even Old Delhi. A young couple roaring along on a motorbike, he driving, she riding pillion but legs astride the seat. Her burqa billowed alongside like the wings of a giant bat but her arms clutched his waist in a way that my mother might have considered immodest. A young friend later told me that many Hindu girls in Bhopal kept a burqa in her closet to wear on a date with her young man. "That way they can get to all sorts of interesting activities," my friend explained, "and no one can tell her family because curious passersby don’t know who’s beneath the burqa." '

That's inventive.

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