Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Thank you Eminem!

Nusta Khallas alerts me to an epoch-making first for FullTP.
Mumbai Mirror, the chota paper that accompanies the bada paper, has managed to excerpt my very chota post on Eminem for its column called Blogger's Park.
Not my favourite paper, not my favourite column, not my favourite post, but I am not complaining.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Congratulations.
wow, that's great, and it's certainly not a "chota" first! :)

(am thinking i'm going to get a part of your pie if all the fans of this chota paper accompanying this bada paper come to your blog via the link, and therafter click the chota-mota links appearing on this bada blog, but me no complains either :p)
Thank you, Sougata (*eschews modesty about more deserving guys*).

Syl, one of my top referrers is your blog. So I will be only too happy to repay in kind :)
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