Sunday, December 25, 2005


Chamchas have a mind of their own

In a path-breaking study, Australian scientists have proved that teaspoons have a mind of their own, and a habit of disappearing. Spoons have an aversion to humans and are believed to be migrating to a planet populated by spoonoid life forms.

While such cutting-edge research is most certainly welcome, I would like more research on two other objects that love to vanish: pens and umbrellas.

During my days as a journalist, I have lost not only several of my own pens but also those that belonged to my colleagues. To solve the problem, they pitched in and gifted me a thick, fat pen that you could hang around the neck. But pens will be pens. It's their karma to disappear.

Within a week, only the cap of the said pen was hanging around my neck. The pen had moved on.

About umbrellas, I follow a golden principle: It's better to get drenched without investing in an umbrella, than get drenched after investing in one.

Please add Socks and Handkerchiefs to the missing mystery things :))
How could I forget them!

I haven't had much experience with disappearing socks, but I can vouch for handkerchiefs.

Sometimes, I have to make do with my shirt sleeves or the inner linings of my pockets :)
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