Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Times of India gets an apology from The Guardian

The London-based newspaper, The Guardian, apologised to the Jains for calling them notoriously secretive" in an article about Mumbai's newspaper wars.

A lot of people, including a certain Narayana Murthy, will tell you different about Bangalore.

Quite a few of my friends who live in Bangalore themselves tell me different about it. They tell me that Bangalore has become this grimy, sweaty, and impersonal city. "If it wasn't for the money ...", they add.

I, however, lived in Bangalore in the late 80s and early 90s. As you can imagine, the picture of Bangalore I carry in my mind is a pretty one. Not that I don't believe my friends (and Mr. N. Murthy), but denial is a rather sticky emotion. But I'll get over it.
I had been to Bangalore some 11 months back had indeed changed from what i had seen of it before, but funnily, i still loved it!

Am guessing people who have to deal with the traffic and other problems in Bangalore on a daily basis might have a different way of looking at it...but the very fact that they choose to stick there and more people wish to shift there, says something!
I lived in Bangalore in the early 90s. My honeymoon with the city lasted three months, before I returned to Mumbai. The reason I didn't like Bangalore then, ironically, was it was too laid back, after the adrenalin rush of Mumbai living. I was younger then, naive me.

Syl, the reason why people continue to stay in Bangalore and others continue to head for the city may have more to do with opportunity than quality of life.
I can see how Bangalore might seem timid to someone who moved there from Mumbai.

I, on the other hand, moved to Bangalore after a short stay in Calcutta. Compared to Calcutta, Bangalore was jumpin'.
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