Thursday, November 03, 2005


The other Tendulkar

Sample these quotes:

"'If I had a gun, I would still put it to Modi's head. He's a butcher."

"I find increasingly that the media is out to deceive me, me as in the ordinary reader or viewer. There is an organised effort towards that, all raw material is turned into a thriller of some kind, there's a sense of breathlessness... A news event happens once but the impression I get from television is that it happens some 10 or 20 or 100 times. They have to repeat, I understand that, but the repetition often distorts the original. When this happens with issues like rape, we lose our sensitivity to it, it doesn't enrage any longer."

"It [Suketu Mehta's Maximum City] purports to be reality because he appears to have done journalistic exploration but it's a misleading book, full of half-truths and perceptions that don't hold ground. It's a very dangerous one to my mind because it gives the impression of Mumbai as if it was a realistic one; it's not."

That's Vijay Tendulkar, playwright and author, in an interview with Outlook

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