Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Mirror, mirror... against the wall

Sam Dastoor, the publisher of Mumbai Mirror, the tabloid that accompanies The Times of India, was arrested for publishing a survey on sexual trends in Mumbai.

"Sam Dastoor was arrested on Tuesday morning on the charges of sale of obscene material and sale of obscene objects to young persons before being released on bail."

Obscene object? Well, I didn't get it with my copy.

I wonder why there's a sudden interest in the media about the sexual habits of Indians. A few issues ago, both Outlook and India Today, put a sex survey on their covers. A recent issue of The Week did likewise.

I think sex surveys -- and, of course, advice columns -- are a good way to get some steamy content into your pages.

mere ghar pe hai, kabhi bhi lelena:)
These guys will stoop to any level to up their ratings to meet their publisher's demands. But does this absolve the editor/editorial department of publishing such crass/meaningless reports
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