Monday, November 07, 2005


It's scurrilous

If there was an award for scurrilous reporting, I would give it to DNA for this report on the Mafatlal family dispute.

Hi Ashok,

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have quite a few comments on several posts, I noted. Will get to them in due time.

I know what FTP is, but what is Full TP? Is TP "Time Pass" :-)

I read about your first experience with cricket. Very amusing. Maybe it's time to take up cricket again. You've had a suitably long mourning period, I'm guessing.

I also noted that you live in Mumbai. I've always been fascinated by Mumbai. Haven't spent much time there; only a few days at a time on a few occasions. So perhaps I have had a sanitized view of the city; I suspect that Mumbai can be just as cruel as any other big city if you live in it long enough.

But I loved the dynamism of the people from what little I saw. And the attitude! I won't forget that inimitable "ishtyle" in a hurry.

Mumbai and Bangalore are my favourite cities in India, till someone tells me different.

Yes, TP is indeed time pass. Till I scrambled Voltaire, the introduction to my blog read: "When I have nothing better to do I will be updating this. When you have nothing better to do, you will be reading this."

And I did a lot of TP in those early days :)

A lot of people, including a certain Narayana Murthy, will tell you different about Bangalore.

Bombay, I had written on this very blog, is like an addiction. When you are in the addiction, you want nothing else but to give it up. When you are off the addiction, you get withdrawal.
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