Friday, November 18, 2005


Great pun or stupid typo? You tell

There's a raging debate in our office, with opinion equally divided, on whether this CNN ad contains a stupid typo or it's the work of a creative genius. Your say?

I say - Typo, typo, typo..
I would give the benefit of doubt to the copywriter and say it's a typo. Because if it were a pun, it's even more horrible :)
confounds me!

wouldn't this ad have passed a few eyes before getting published...and nobody noticed?!!

as an aside, there is actually a place out here called Tai Po ..he...he..and nobody seems to get the connection!
Not possible..has to be a typo... the copywriter has to be a REAL genius to hve intended the pun.
its an obvious typo. guess the yanks need to outsource spellcheck to us too
NO WAY ! CNN and typo ?? NO WAY !!
yeah,grossly inaccurate reporting,i can beleive...not their ads,definitely not !
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