Friday, September 30, 2005


Is Freddie a liar?

Glamorgan's Chariman, Paul Russell, says "Ganguly is an outstanding professional".

"... (Ganguly) settled into the team and worked hard on and off the field. He always came to team practice on time and did whatever he was told to do. He was very regular for training. I personally drove him to the gym when he had joined us."

Russell was surprised by Flintoff's take on Ganguly in his autobiography, Being Freddie. "There was never any attitude problem and he was very positive... There was no hint of anything of what Flintoff has said. He was very friendly with the other team members and used to often go out with them for dinner."

So is the Ashes hero lying?

I doubt Freddie is a liar, I really do. ganguly does come across as an arrogant prick at times. You should hear stories from his former team-mates in the inter-club leagues back in Cal!
I agree Ganguly is arrogant. But one of the two is lying. The queestion is who.
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