Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hitter, with a pinch of salt

The media is going ga-ga over Irfan Pathan's pyrotechnics as a pinch-hitter. Everyone is talking about what a brilliant, innovative strategy it was.
Sure, Irfan Pathan has potential to be a great all-rounder. Sure, his elevation to one-drop succeeded like a dream.
But does one swallow a summer make? For every innovation that succeeded, many have failed gloriously.
And, I thought the experiment of Dhoni as pinch-hitter was a big success. After all, he scored a scroching 140-odd in that role. So, where does he bat now?
As I was walking out of my house on my way to work, Irfan Pathan was making his way to the middle. And I had thought I would blog a post about whether shuffling Dhoni around the order so much is a good thing. Then Pathan fired, and I had no heart to argue with success.
But too much is being made out of one fine innings (in fact, one newspaper went to the extent of suggesting that the move could prove pivotal in India's world cup campaign). Let's wait and watch.
I would be only too happy if all that the media hopes for comes true.

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