Friday, September 09, 2005


That old bogey again!

"Bookie-turned-film producer Jagdish Sodha paid Rs 8 lakh to a Lankan spin bowler in September 2004 to fix matches in the ICC Knock-Out Series tournament then on in England, said former joint commissioner, crime, Dr Satyapal Singh," reports Mumbai Mirror.

I have several questions about this:
1. Shouldn't the former joint commissioner be naming the spinner? This merely casts the net of suspicion on all Lankan spinners.
2. If he doesn't know who the spinner is shouldn't he wait till he knows for sure?
3. Would a cricket player fix a match for Rs 8 lakh?
4. Shouldn't this matter have been reported to the ICC or the Sri Lankan board?
5. Will we ever get to the bottom of the betting scandals in cricket?

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