Thursday, September 08, 2005


Finding Cause

'Arafat died of AIDS, poisoning or an infection: Reports', is the headline for this article in the Hindustan Times.

The lead graf promptly contradicts the headline: "Yasser Arafat's medical records do not give conclusive results regarding what caused his death, The New York Times and Haaretz newspapers reported on Thursday..."

As if the confusion over the cause of death were not enough, the last para of the article confuses the reader even more.

"Arafat's personal doctor, Ashaf al-Kurdi, who did no treat Arafat in his final weeks, said that he knows French doctors found the AIDS virus in Arafat's blood, Haaretz reported. The virus given to Arafat by Israel was send to disguise poisoning, he said, according to the newspaper."

Go figure!

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