Friday, September 16, 2005


Curioser and curioser

Forensic lab says Salman Tapes are fake. The Hindustan Times asks five relevant questions, putting the blame squarely on the Mumbai cops. (I can't find a link to it online)
Interestingly, additional commissioner Bishnoi said that the police wouldn't investigate the role of any officer now that the tapes have been found to be fake.
Why not? There are important questions that need to be investigated.
Where did HT get the tapes from? If it got it from the police, fake or not, they must be investigated.

Isn't it too early to give salman a clean chit?
shouldn't the tapes still make two more stops-- at Hyderabad and Gujarat-- before the verdict is out?
Or is it different in Salman's case?
I am not giving a clean chit to Salman.

We were quick to pillory him when HT carried the story. We took it as the gospel. But, we aren't as quick to give him a clean chit.
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