Thursday, July 11, 2002

My favourite topic: The newspaper business is going to die in 20 years, says this article. And I agree, though I won't wager a guess about the time-frame, it could be earlier, it could be later.

Newspapers as we know it, ink on paper, will be history. Of course you might have portable output devices that would work pretty much like a newspaper, in the sense that you could sit on a potty and read the news as it happens, in real time.

Besides the points covered in the article, what sustains the newspaper business today is habit. We are used to relying on newspapers as our primary source of information, and many of us are not comfortable reading news off a computer screen. But generations to come will be far more comfortable getting information from sources other than newspapers, like the Internet.

I would think that newspaper readership, on the whole, is already stagnating, and will eventually die out.

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