Wednesday, June 05, 2002

What's in my bookmarks?

Over the years of surfing, I have accumulated a prize collection of links. I don't even go through a quarter of them in a day, but they sit there in my favourites folder triggering bouts of reading anxiety.
I am too lazy to link all of them, but most of you guys would know it anyway.

On my toolbar: Blogdex, BlogThis, Daypop, iTools, Mefi, OJR, Railway Time Table, Morever, Exam Results.

In my tech folder:, Wired, Salon (don't ask me why it's in the tech folder), Zdnet (need to take that off) and Silicon Valley.. (a few bloggers will wonder why reg doesn't feature... keep wondering :)

In my news folder: ABCnews, CNN, CSMonitor, Drudge, Alternet (I had many more folders like alternative, science and stuff like that, but i cleaned them up and bunged them all into one now), Guardian, New Scientist, SciAm, K5, Plastic, Independent, LAtimes, MSNBC, NYTimes, Reuters, SCMP, Sydney Morning Herald, USA Today, WP, digitalMass at, Houston Chronicle, Sacbee, Fark, FEER, RobotWisdom, IndyStar, SFGate and Guess the surprising omission though I visit it most often?
(note: some days I start accessing them from the top, never get beyond the sixth site, so some days I start from the bottom, and sometimes just check the middle. I just scan the home page and head directly for their tech sections :)

In my Mags folder (which I access maybe once a week): Economist, OutlookIndia, The Atlantic, The Week, Slate, Frontline, Time, USNews, Esquire, New Yorker, Tehelka, Forbes, Variety, First Monday.

A new addition to my folders is Soccer and it's growing daily: BBC Football, Football365, CNNSI-World Cup, Soccernet-World Cup, Guardian-Football, Japan Today-World Cup, Slam Sports World Cup, CBS Sportsline Soccer, Sports Telegraph, SportingNews-Soccer, SoccerGlobe, Morever-World Cup, NYTimes-World Cup, Time-World Cup, Reuters-World Cup, Yahoo News-Full Coverage World Cup and Annanova-World Cup.

There are also flashes in the pan, links which come and go. Right now, there's,, SciAm's SciTech Web Awards,, FAQ on Calorie Restriction To Retard Aging, and Mindjack.

If any of you want to know the links to the sites, I would be happy to send it across for free :)

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