Tuesday, June 04, 2002

A good take on money by Gautam Chikermane in the latest edition of Intelligent Investor.

"...we either think that money is God, to be worshipped, or the Devil, to be damned. Trapped as we are in a society where the value of a human being is measured by the wealth he has, most of our thoughts and deeds -- from the choice of a career to our sense of self-worth -- are geared to the accumulation of wealth... Living in this perversion, we forget that money is neither the Almighty nor the Devil. Money is a medium of exchange, a measure and store of value, a standard that unites society. Money can be created, invested, spent and shared. It is one of the tools, perhaps the most widely used tool, of communication and transaction in modern society. It can be used, productively or otherwise -- and abused.

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