Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Simpson slams ICC and 'chuckers'

The former Aussie captain resigned from the International Cricket Council's legal committee protesting against the ICC handling of chuckers.
High time, too, someone took that stand.
Chucking is illegal. And the ICC's pussyfooting on that front stumps me.
If a bowler has an illegal action, he should be called. On the field of play. By the umpires. Maybe, the umpires could warn the captain and bowler once. If they persist, no-ball them.
There is simply no point in reporting suspect actions to the ICC, after the damage to a team, to individual players and the game itself is done.
If we can't trust the umpires to call correctly on an illegal action, they have no business being in the middle.
As it now stands, umpires report an illegal action to the ICC. If the bowler is reported again, only then does the ICC view it seriously.
Another convenient excuse is deformity. Simpson puts it succinctly: ''Sorry mate, deformity can not be allowed to violate laws.''

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