Monday, May 06, 2002

I got an intriguing letter-mass mailer from the Indian Express along with my Sunday Express. Here's the full text:

"Dear reader,

Greetings from The Indian Express group!

We have been sending you a copy of our recently launched Sunday newspaper, 'The Sunday Express'.

I hope that you have liked the contemporary and sleek look of The Sunday Express, a newspaper which has revolutionised Sunday reading!

I am confident that you found more worthwhile reading material in The Sunday Express, and that you will continue to support and encourage us by continuing to read it.

At our end, we shall keep-up our endeavour to constantly improve the newspaper for your reading pleasure.

If in case you may wish to discontinue your copy of The Sunday Express, please tick in the box provided below.

(box) Please discontinue my copy of The Sunday Express

However, we do hope you continue to read The Sunday Express, and give us an opportunity to get Sunday reading back in fashion!"

Signed by the Chief General Manager, Circulation.

I have a few problems with this. First it's a bad marketing ploy. Was the letter really necessary. Even if the Express wanted to send the letter, was an invitation to discontinue necessary. It's not as if the Indian Express is spamming me with the newspaper. I am buying it. So why prompt me to discontinue. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

Second, suppose I want to discontinue, since Express has prompted me to do so. What do I do after ticking the box. Frame it and put it on my drawing room wall?

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