Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I am back!
After a cool and invigorating holiday in the hills, I am not only back to the heat of Mumbai, but also a lot of heat in the blogging community.
I guess we could all do with a getaway in the mountains :)
Munnar was breathtakingly beautiful. And, what's more, it rained when I was there... *sigh* to be back in Mumbai....
Kodai was ordinary, till I went on a one-hour trek to a place called Laughing Thrush Estate... It was a steep uphill trek, almost five km, and then suddenly you break out on the top... and you gasp at the sheer beauty of the mountains... i just gaped for a full five minutes... before I could say anything... we just sat there staring in silence... soaking the rarefied air and the scenery... it will take me a while to acclimatise to Mumbai... :(

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