Sunday, March 10, 2002

Have you guys seen the latest LG Television ad?
A classroom is having a general knowledge quiz. The teacher shoots off three questions, and one smart kid answers them all "correctly". A classmate gapes at him in wonder.
After the class the classmate asks the smart kid how he knows all the answers.
"I watch television."
The classmate, who wears spectacles, complains that his mom doesn't allow him to watch TV because it's bad for the eyes. The smart kid says, buy an LG Television.
One of the questions is: What is a Koala?
And the kid answers: An Australian bear!
Now, the last I heard, Koala is a marsupial, like the Kangaroo. Unless some genetic interbreeding has happened since, I am sure it still is a marsupial.
Sylvia tells me that a couple of online Encyclopaedias she checked, like, too call it a bear. So I am not surprised an Indian ad agency did likewise.
For me these Wildlife Fact Sheet from settles the issue.
Moral of the story: Don't trust dumb ads, and don't trust online encyclopaedias either. Trust me :)

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