Saturday, February 16, 2002

Update: Mea Culpa. A very observant and anon commenter caught out an obvious flaw in my post. Instead of searching for Nasser Hussain, I did one for Naseer Hussain :( So BBC is out of my bad books. NYT remains there.

Have you ever tried searching the archives of news sites on the net.

Most of them are so damn poor.

The worst of the lot is New York Times.

It takes ages to search. And it's results are anything but relevant. The advanced search, for a large part of a day that I tried reaching, never quite made it to my desktop window.

Here's a good test: Try searching for George Soros. When the results do load, choose the closest match option. This is what I got. It sucks.

The Archive search on BBC is pretty decent. But try searching for Naseer Hussain and you will see how they fail.

It's the same story with most news web sites. But what bugs me about NY Times is they actually have the gall to expect someone to experience one of the worst searches and pay if they find the needle in the haystack.

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