Saturday, February 02, 2002

Sylvia would probably call this synchronicity.

On Saturday, I put up a post with a reference to Primal Fear, a book I had read some 10 years ago, which was subsequently made into a film.

Usually, I wouldn't be caught dead on Saturday evening surfing channels on the Telly. But last night, I was doing exactly that. And, what do you know! Primal Fear was showing on Star Movies.

I didn't watch it for long, though. Because I quickly switched to Super Selector.

When I watched it for the first time, I thought Naseeruddin Shah made a very poor host. On this show, however, the actor was in his elements. Whether it was quizzing the guests, talking cricket and movies, or taking viewers through the final countdown, Naseer did it in style.

The best thing about the show was Zakir Hussain's impromptu performance. There was no tabla. But that didn't stop India's leading percussionist and 'the sexiest man' from coaxing a superb rhythm out of -- hold your breath -- a bat and ball. What's more, he got the other guests -- Navjot Siddhu, Harsha Bhogle and Tabu -- to accompany him in the rhythmfest.

Another highlight of the show was the January winner being forcefully advised by his brother on the camera not to share their winning tips and strategies with the viewers. The whole incident was actually pretty funny. Just shows how seriously some people take the game.

I think Super Selector is one of the best game-shows to hit India. Primarily because it plays on the passions -- cricket and films -- of the people, and uses the media -- television, the Internet and even the press -- to the hilt.

I have a team -- wishfully called WinningCombination -- participating. At the moment, I am somewhere in the boondocks -- ranked below 50,000. But I have not abandoned hope.

Here's my team anyway:

Yousuf Youhana
Stephen Fleming
Darren Ganga
Michael Vaughan
Virender Shewag
Andrew Flintoff
James Foster
Shoaib Akhtar
Darren Gough
Waqar Younis
Shane Bond

Wish me luck! If I win, I promise you a gift from the Caribbean Islands.

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