Monday, February 25, 2002

I am just feeling contrarian today.

While everybody just can't stop singing praises of Sanjay Bangar, I must strike a discordant note.

Of course, the young player's century in just his second test is a laudable effort. But, tell me, which Indian player doesn't score on our pitches? He came in at a time when India was absolutely under no pressure. One century, against the lowly Zimbabwean attack, and we are all going gaga over the discovery of an allrounder. I think our celebrations are a bit premature.

Sanjay Bangar's selection ahead of Virender Sehwag is a big mistake. The logic was that he could turn his arm over, if necessary. He bowled eight overs in the first innings and none in the second... And, I am certainly not impressed with his "dibbly-dobbly" stuff.

On the other hand, Sehwag is one of the most exciting batting prospects we have had in a long, long while. On his day, he can decimate any bowling attack. And he has proved that time and time again. To make him sit out for someone as ordinary as Sanjay Bangar is a travesty.

I hope Sanjay Bangar proves me wrong (I doubt that very much). But what I hope even more fervently is that such whimsical selections don't demoralise a player of the calibre of Sehwag.

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