Wednesday, February 06, 2002

A Dirty Dozen of Excuses Not to Vote

It's election time once again in India. Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal and Manipur are due for the circus. Closer home in Mumbai, the fever is on for the municipal elections. A lot of us won't be voting. So, I have made a set of 12 excuses for not voting. If you can think of more, do let me know.

1) I voted last time and my candidate lost. So what's the point?
2) No one's come around yet to buy my vote.
3) I just had a manicure.
4) What if the booth gets captured when I am voting?
5) They are all devils.
6) I don't know the candidates, the contesting parties, their manifestos... You don't expect me to vote in ignorance, do you?
7) I have never come across an election that's been won or lost by one vote.
8) My cat's ill.
9) Someone stole my car.
10) I have a headache.
11) I don't know how to.
12) To hell with it...

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