Monday, February 25, 2002

Aamir Khan's Double Standards!

Cricket and movies. I love them both. But naturally then, I loved Lagaan. And now it's been nominated for an Oscar.

Shouldn't I be hip-hip-hurraying?

Frankly, no. Because, the manner in which Aamir Khan and his band of merry men are pushing the film to the Oscar jury sucks.

Here's a man with an avowed distaste for awards. He has been contemptuous of all Indian award functions. But Oscars? Hey that's a different story altogether. It's no matter that you have to convince the jury to merely watch your film. No matter that you have to canvass support for your film. I find this whole charade double standards at its worst.

And to think that the film was all about a triumphant struggle against colonialism!

Even if it wins an award now, I won't be joining the applause.

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