Monday, January 28, 2002

When I was reading Outlook Magazine's cover story on the Death of Mumbai, I was struck by how shallow the story was.
I certainly didn't expect this kind of reportage for a cover story of one of India's leading weeklies.
The article states nothing new; offers absolutely no insight into the life in the city and is basically a rehash of what everybody and his uncle has been talking about for years now.
A striking ommission is the fact of BMC's bankruptcy, thanks to its over-zealous pursuit of flyovers. That doesn't feature anywhere in the article.
It reinforces stereotypes, and does not explore any new angle. Neither does it offer any solutions.
This morning I received an email from Madhu about a blog called Ken Layne. Published by a Los Angeles journo, it exposes the hollowness of reporting in mainstream media.
Take a look.

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