Thursday, January 03, 2002

A lonely stretch of road. A man trying to thumb a ride. Without luck. He lights up a cigarette. In the distance, a car approaches. A beautiful girl is at the wheel. The man puts his thumb out. The girl passes him. Checks her rear view. Spots him smoking. Stops the car. Man gets in.
Then the words appear on your screen:

Women feel safer with men who smoke...

Smoking causes impotency

I thought the ad, "issued in public interest by the Cancer Patients Aid Association", was all wrong -- even objectionable. Why would a woman feel safer with an impotent man? Do they see all men as deranged rapists? And is that the only harm a man can cause a woman?
May be I am reading too closely between the lines here. But this is what I call smart-alecky advertising. Some clever-clever copy-writer must be patting himself on his back on the piece of work.
It sucks. I remember the ad, not the message.

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