Monday, January 28, 2002

Alternatives to Google

Vivisimo: An excellent meta-search engine. Pretty fast. Good quality of results. Also has some interesting bells and whistles, like emailing your results.

Wisenut: A Korean start-up. Pretty promising set of results. Very similar to Google, though.

Teoma: Still in Beta. If you are searching for multiple keywords, check mark the 'Find This Phrase' option (I wonder why anybody should offer that option at all. It should by default look for a phrase). It's already been picked up by Ask Jeeves... so watch this space...

All The Web: This one's a old warhorse. But it's got some really good features. And it also offers search on news, pictures, videos, MP3s and FTP files. Relevance is a bit of problem. But remember to check mark 'Exact Phrase'.

All of these offer one feature that Google does not: A dyanmic clustering of your results sets into groups. Check them out...

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