Friday, December 21, 2001

I haven't visited a library in years. Today, I have just been to one. It's called ebrary. Set up by the Learning Network, the people behind popular sites like Infoplease and Factmonster, this one is an online library of ebooks. Learn more about it by taking the virtual tour.
One of the first things that caught my eye on the home page is Arundathi Roy's Cost of Living. Download the free software called Infotools, available on the site, and you can read the entire book (a collection featuring The End of Imagination and The Greater Common Good) online.
I downloaded Infotools just to get a feel of digital book-reading. I must say I am bit disappointed. The process is too slow, cumbersome and not to mention bad for the eyes. But I guess we might just have to get used to it.
Next on my agenda is the 268-page Globalization by Malcolm Waters, who promises to simplify the complexities of the global economy for the lay reader. Will report on my experiment soon.

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