Monday, December 31, 2001

Afghanistan hopes to lure back Western tourists.

Here's how a guided tour would go...
What is this pile of rubble? Oh, there were once called the Bamiyan Buddhas. The Taliban didn't like them much. But there are better places, let me show you around.

Over here, over here... ladies and gentleman, that heap of rubble you see was once the Red Cross centre, one of the first civilian casualties was suffered here.

Here's a historical site. This is the place where the US dropped its god-knows-how-many-tonne Daisy Cutters. Neat job, eh?

Oh, and this one here, is where Osama spent three seconds of his life. You see that chair in the corner, he almost sat on it before fleeing to another safe house, we don't know where...

And this prison here: it was a scene of a massacre by US-UK-Alliance forces.

No, no, no... Don't step that way... that's off limits for Western tourists... Only Afghans can go there, unless you want to get your feet blown off....

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